The Importance of Pet Training

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July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. Training your pet is one effective way to prevent losing your pet. Here is a short-list of essential commands that every dog should know. Not only will these cues help keep your pet under control in public or at home, but also provide them with a sense of order and structure. In some cases, a well-placed command may even save your pet’s life one day!

training in a club of canine obedience

Some of the best ways to train your pet is through positive reinforcement with treats, clickers, or by sending them to training classes where they can undergo private training and will learn advanced skills. Important commands include:


One of the most basic cues, training your dog to look at something is one of the most important skills. Although simple, this trick will help serve as a foundation for many other aspects of training a dog in the future.

Owner’s hand trained dog, closeup


Teaching your pet to return to its owner is something that can be extremely useful in everyday life. ‘Come’ is important too in case of an emergency or preventing an emergency. Having the ability to call your dog over in any scenario may also save you lots of aggravation and frustration.

With me

This command teaches your pet from pulling on the leash when walking with its owner. Having to use a tight leash to keep your pet alongside you is not only stressful but also potentially harmful to the health of your pet. Utilizing the ‘with me’ command while using a loose leash can make all the difference! Walks will be more enjoyable for you and for your pet.

Leave it

Another essential training command is to tell your dog to abstain itself from picking something up. This ‘leave it’ command prevents your pet from eating something potentially harmful and helps save personal belongings from being chewed.

Drop it

A particularly important skill in obedience training that every dog should know is ‘drop it’ which means that they will let go of the object in their mouth. Like ‘leave it’, this command can prevent your pet from chewing up your belongings. Practice this training tool consistently, replacing what was in your dog’s mouth with a rewarding treat.


Commanding your dog to sit is one of the basic tricks that can help manage unwanted behavior. By teaching your pet how to sit, you can help prevent them from jumping and even settle them down when necessary.

Man training Dalmatian dog in grass on meadow.

 Lie down

Like ‘sit’, the ‘lie down’ command can encourage relaxation for anxious or excited dogs. In addition, this skill also serves as the foundation for advanced tricks such as ‘roll over’ or ‘go to its place’.


One of the most basic dog training commands is ‘stay’ or ‘wait’. When you command your pet to wait, you’re ordering them to stay where they are until you release them. This technique can promote many positive behaviors which include preventing them from bolting out the crate, car, and door, etc.

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