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Video chat with our licensed vets. Prescriptions available in certain states. Check which states we can write prescriptions for here.

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Why Use TelePAWS?

70% of Pet Concerns can be Solved 
Without Leaving Your Home 

Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority!

While not an emergency service, we do provide real-time video conferencing between your precious pets and our professional, licensed and caring veterinarians.

We’ll advise an effective holistic approach to care, including acupressure and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to aid in the wellness of your pet. TelePAWS appointments are aimed at reducing travel and wait times, bridging gaps in care, expanding preventive outreach, and making it convenient for pets and their owners. Our goal is to improve your pet’s overall health.

Need a Prescription?
Only Certain States Allow Vets to Issue Prescriptions via TeleMedicine

Not all US States currently allow the remote prescribing of medicines for pets. Click on the button below to check if your home state or state you are travelling in allows our veterinarians to issue prescriptions. However, even if we cannot write prescriptions, we can still assess your pet’s condition and provide general TeleAdvice which is allowed in ALL states. So no matter what the animal, or the emergency, or where you’re located, we are here to help!

Video Conference

Condition Assessed

TeleAdvice or Prescriptions

Debunking Pet Health Myths

Here are some common myths surrounding pet health that you may have heard of and the actual truth behind them!

Pets on St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks come in two different colors, green and purple! Whether found in the wild or decorations around the house, be cautious when your pets are around them…

Canine Influenza

What is canine influenza? While pets have not been proven to contract COVID-19, the dog flu is known to be a very contagious respiratory disease that has resulted in deaths in the canine population. While canine flu outbreaks have been occurring sporadically since...

Your pet’s health and well-being
are our top priority.

We offer the following services

Prescriptions *

*In allowed states (check map here). After assessing your pet through our personal video conferencing system, a prescription maybe be issued if allowed in your state.

Prescription Refill

You may already be on a course of treatment. We can provide a prescription refill or suggest a new course if the current medication is not having the desired effect.

Holistic Care

At TelePAWS we take a holistic care approach to treating any ailment or condition that your pets may be experiencing. Whether it’s an upset stomach, itchy skin, allergies to the pet or allergies to the pet owner that are caused by the pet – we will look into all the factors that could contribute to the cause and take all of those into consideration when making a diagnosis.

Veterinary Care in the Comfort of your own Home

TelePAWS is the leading online veterinarian care service that  connects you with a LICENSED veterinarian, one-on-one! It’s personal, convenient and saves you a lot of time, minimizes added worry and stress, and reduces expenses that would be incurred by taking your pet to a local veterinary clinic. With the current pandemic still leaving lingering questions, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can remain at home and be seen at your convenience.

Meet Our Amazing Team

We are very proud of the wonderful veterinarians we have here at TelePAWS

Time and time again, we are told how good our veterinarians are treating our customers and their precious pets. We couldn't do this without them, and we are delighted to have such a great team. We are always looking to grow, so if you'd like to apply - see our Our Team page.

Please Read: Important Information about the Monthly Subscription

For $20 per month, your Subscription Membership entitles you to six (6) appointments per year with a TelePAWS veterinarian.

You may cancel or discontinue your Subscription Membership at any time. However, please be advised that an early cancellation penalty will apply if you cancel your Subscription Membership at any time prior to your first year anniversary of signing up for the Subscription Membership. The penalty greater than zero dollars ($0.00) for early cancellation shall be calculated to equal the cost of a single videoconference appointment as of the date of the early cancellation (i.e., at the pay-per-appointment rate of fifty dollars ($60.00)), multiplied by the number of appointments held as of the date of the early cancellation (and subject to the maximum allowable six (6) appointments per year under the Subscription Membership), minus the total monthly payments made as of the date of the early cancellation.

If you cancel your Subscription Membership five (5) or more days before your credit card is charged the Subscription Membership monthly fee, you will not be charged for the next month. In the event that you cancel your Subscription Membership less than five (5) days before your credit card is charged the Subscription Membership monthly fee, the cancellation will be effective after the next monthly billing cycle; therefore, you will be charged the Subscription Membership fee for one more month.

If you exceed the six (6) appointments with a TelePAWS veterinarian as allotted through the Subscription Membership program, you will be charged for each additional appointment at the individual appointment rate of $60.00 per appointment

Please note that, in the event that any payment is unable to be processed after two (2) attempts, then your Subscription Membership will be canceled immediately.

Notice of cancellation of your Subscription Membership shall be made by emailing such notice of cancellation to: [email protected], and the calculation of any early cancellation penalty will be determined as of the date of that email.