Top 5 Reasons for Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Top 5 Reasons for Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

When your pet is not feeling well, it can be stressful not knowing the cause or what to do to help him.  An upset stomach quickly gets everyone down.  An online vet can help you determine the cause of the vomiting and give you advice for getting your furry friend back to normal quickly.  There are many different causes for nausea or vomiting in dogs.  The top 5 reasons are discussed below.  

Upset Stomach Can Be Caused by Infection with viruses, bacteria, or parasites

Dogs get stomach bugs too.  They can pick these up at dog parks, boarding facilities, day camps, and just walking in the neighborhood.  It is important to keep your dog on monthly parasite prevention.  Ask your vet if your pet is fully protected against intestinal parasites.

Food Allergies Cause Dog Upset Stomach

Did you know that dogs can get food allergies too?  The most common cause is the protein source in the food.  Your vet can help determine if this could be the cause of vomiting in your dog and recommend the best alternative diet to feed.  Call an online vet to discuss whether or not your dog has a food allergy.

Upset Stomach Due to Dietary Indiscretion or Foreign Bodies

Dogs will eat just about anything.  From toys to toxins to socks, they have eaten it all!  This foreign material can lead to stomach upset and even a full blockage of the intestinal tract, requiring surgery.  Keeping a close eye on your new puppy is important to avoid foreign body ingestion.  For those dogs that are prone to eating foreign material, you may need to keep them crated or keep a basket muzzle on them when they are not closely supervised.

Diet Changes Result in Upset Stomachs

A simple change in diet can cause a lot of havoc with your dog’s intestinal system.  This usually occurs when the food is changed abruptly without mixing the old with the new.  It is best to change your pet’s diet slowly to avoid this from happening.  If the upset stomach is not improving, be sure to contact your trusted online vet.

Medications Can Cause a Dog Upset Stomach 

If your dog is on a medication to treat another illness, it can cause an upset stomach.  Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are the most common types of medications to cause vomiting.  Giving these medications with food typically decreases the risk of an upset stomach, but some pets still do experience problems regardless.  Be sure to let your vet know when nausea occurs while they are being treated with a medication.

What should you do when your dog has an upset stomach? 

Feeding bland food is a great first step to helping your pet feel better.  Bland food includes boiled chicken or ground beef and white rice.  You may also want to fast your dog for about 12 hours to give the stomach time to rest before offering food again.  Do not give any over the counter medications without first discussing this with a vet.  Some medications can be toxic to dogs and cause further problems.

When is it time to call a vet?  

Waiting too long to call your vet can result in dehydration, lethargy, and worsening of symptoms, so don’t put it off for too long.  In general, if your pet is repeatedly vomiting or acts very lethargic, they should be seen soon.  If you notice blood in the vomit or your pet refuses to eat, it is time to see the vet.

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Can an online vet help you with your dog’s upset stomach?

Yes!  Online vets are available for you and your pet to help assess and evaluate treatment options for an upset stomach.  This is an excellent way to receive high quality veterinary care in a low cost and convenient way!  TelePAWS is available 24/7 to help you care for your furry family members.

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