6 Reasons an Online Vet Will Benefit You and Your Pet

6 Reasons an Online Vet Will Benefit You and Your Pet

Telemedicine has been used in human medicine for years to diagnose and treat a multitude of medical problems in people. In veterinary medicine, telemedicine, teleadvice, and teletriage are quickly becoming a popular way to get medical care for pets too.   Online vet companies like Telepaws allow pet owners access to veterinary medical care who are in remote areas or with disabilities that keep them from being able to get their pets in to see a veterinarian.  Veterinary telemedicine/teleadvice has many benefits for you as a pet owner to consider.

Online veterinarians provide care at a time that works for you.

We all have busy schedules.  Here at TelePAWS, we understand that you may not have time to get your pet to see the vet, especially when your pet is sick suddenly.  Using an online service like TelePAWS allows you to see a veterinarian on your time schedule.  You no longer need to worry about taking time off from work or changing your schedule to get your pet the medical care they need.

Veterinary care through the internet allows you to get care for your pet from the comfort of your home.

We all love the convenience of shopping from home using the internet.  Now even veterinary care is convenient when you see an online veterinarian from the comfort of your own home.  Using a service like TelePAWS allows your pet to receive high quality veterinary care through your computers or cell phone at home or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Your pet will not be scared to see the online veterinarian.

Most pets are scared to go to the vet hospital.  This is one of the main reasons pet owners avoid taking their pets in to see a vet.  You can completely avoid this fear by using an online veterinarian.  Your pet will receive high quality veterinary care without the hassle of dragging or sedating him to get him into the hospital.  This greatly reduces everyone’s anxiety.

Online veterinarians are available when your regular vet is closed or too busy to get you in for an appointment.

Getting an appointment with a veterinarian can be frustrating.  Your regular vet may not be able to see your pet for days.  There are times when your pet cannot wait to be seen.  TelePAWS, your most trusted online veterinarian, will provide care for your pet conveniently and quickly.

Veterinary care online is inexpensive.

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and can be very costly.  Veterinary bills add up quickly when a pet becomes sick.  Low cost veterinary care can now be found online.  Unlike regular veterinary care in a hospital, there are less overhead costs for a telemedicine veterinarian to cover, making online vet care very affordable.  At TelePAWS, you can receive a consultation with a veterinarian for as little as $50.

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Telepaws offers online veterinarian services that results in low costs to the customer.  You get what you pay for~there are no hidden fees for a consultations, no unnecessary up-charging, and no deductibles or coinsurance that needs to be met as with pet insurance.  Not only is Telepaws affordable, but it is convenient!

Get a consultation for your pet now for as low as $50.  Sign up today!