House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

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With pets tracking in various amounts of germs and odors, it may be incredibly difficult for pet owners to maintain cleanliness in their homes. However, there are many simple cleaning hacks that can combat the muddy lifestyle that comes with owning pets.

Removing pet odor:

People who own pets know how awful pet smell can get. Within mere days after taking a bath, pets may already start to smell bad, and it can even start stinking up the house. The odor may be stuck in carpets, couches, or even beds. Although there are cleaning agents made specifically for pet odors, it’s simpler and more affordable to make your own concoction. One way you can neutralize the smell is by sprinkling baking soda on the affected area and vacuuming the remnants after waiting for the compound to sit in for a while. Another common homemade anti-pet smell concoction can be made with white vinegar and baking soda. All you have to do is mix white vinegar with a little bit of baking soda and pour it into a spray bottle. The liquid will act as a deodorizer, so you can spray it on carpets, curtains, or even around the house.

Cleaning up pet hair:

Using vacuum cleaners is the fastest and most reliable way to clean up your pet’s loose hair, so it’s important to vacuum clean frequently. Another way to prevent a furry environment is by reducing the amount of hair that your pet sheds, which you can do by rolling their body with a lint roller. For smaller areas, you can also use a lint roller or duct tape to remove hair from clothing or furniture.

Frequently wiping down your pet:

Everytime your pet goes out for a walk, they track germs, dirt, or even mud into your home. Especially if your dog rolls around in the grass or runs around in the dirt, they may likely bring unwanted odors and pests to your door. To mitigate the amount of foreign substances they bring into the house, use a baby wipe or specialized pet cleaner to wipe them down before entering the house.

Masking pet paw scratches:

If your pet has sharp or even dull fingernails on their paws, it is likely that they have scratched or at least marked furniture around the house. You can easily mask shallow claw marks and scratches by applying gel stain with a brush and rubbing using a fine-grit sanding sponge. Unfortunately, scratches that dig too deep into the furniture can not be repaired easily, so consider also buying protective casings (like Plexiglass sheets or a removable cover made of cloth) for delicate items around the house.

Muddy paw prints:

Although it may be frustrating when your pet leaves a long trail of muddy paw marks across the house, refrain from cleaning it up while still wet. This can cause smearing and leave you with a bigger mess than you began with! Instead, let the mud dry off first before wiping. A vacuum can also be used to small up smaller particles much easier.

Meal time:

Rather than scooping out pet food from large bags, consider buying no-mess food dispensers. And if your house is prone to insects, especially ants, a simple trick to prevent them from getting into your pets food is to place their food bowl in a surrounding pan of water. This way, your pet will have no trouble accessing their food while also keeping out any unwanted bugs!



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