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Behavioral Problems in Pets: Can an Online Vet Help?

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Is your dog or cat tearing up your furniture? Getting into the trash? Eliminating on the floor? Does your pet have anxiety with loud noises or new people?

Behavioral issues are common in pets and can be a strain on the human-animal bond. It is important to have a discussion with a veterinarian about the problems you are having with your pet’s behavior. In most cases, behavioral modification training techniques and/or medications can be very helpful to improving your pet’s anxiety and the bond you have with each other.

Making an appointment with an online vet is an alternative to taking your pet in to a veterinary hospital or clinic. This will save you time, expense, and the added stress of getting your pet to their office. Read further to find out how an online vet can help you with your pet’s behavioral problem.

An Online Vet Can Give Behavioral Modification Advice

Many behavioral issues can be remedied with specific training techniques or changes to their daily routine. Something as simple as increasing daily walks or allowing play time at a doggy day care can have positive effects on a dog’s behavior. Changing the way you get ready to leave the house can make a dramatic difference for dogs with separation anxiety.

An online vet will listen to your concerns about your pet’s behavioral problem and will determine the best plan to help alleviate these issues. If your pet has extreme anxiety or aggression problems, you may be advised to see a professional trainer or veterinary behaviorist. In many cases, though, behavior can be modified with at home training techniques.

Underlying Illnesses and Diseases Causing Behavior Issues Can be Discussed

There may be an underlying illness or disease process that is causing your pet to have a change in their behavior. For example, an underlying urinary tract infection will cause many cats to urinate outside of their litter box and well-trained dogs to urinate in the house. Hypothyroidism and Cushings disease can increase symptoms of anxiety in dogs. Ear infections can cause dogs to be painful, making them anxious or aggressive when petted on the head.

It is important to discuss behavioral changes with a veterinarian in order to determine if an underlying problem could be the cause. If a disease or illness is suspected, your vet will likely recommend testing such as blood work, urinalysis, and sometimes imaging. An online vet can help you decide what is the best course of action when your pet is exhibiting anxiousness or other changes in behavior.

Anti-Anxiety Medications May Help

Did you know that your dog or cat can go on Prozac too? For pets that are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or other behavioral problem, they may benefit from medications that decrease anxiety. There are several types of anti-anxiety medications which can be used to treat cats and dogs. Many dogs commonly use anti-anxiety medications during times of stress such as thunderstorms, fireworks, and visits to the vet hospital. Pets with separation anxiety and certain fears may need to stay on an anti-anxiety medication long-term to give them the best quality of life.

Talk with an online vet about whether or not your pet could benefit from a medication for their anxiety. Your pet does not need to continue to feel anxious around loud noises or panic when you leave them alone at home. Your online vet can help you choose the best treatment for their particular behavioral issue.

An Online Vet Can Improve the Bond Between You and Your Pet

Behavioral problems in pets can be extremely frustrating for pet owners. These problems, if left untreated, can lead to abandonment, abuse, or loss of compassion for these animals as well as stress in the household. Pets with behavioral issues can be costly as well. They can be destructive to their environment and can cost a lot over time on trainer fees, home repairs, etc.

Improving the human-animal bond is important to veterinarians. The goal is to improve the bond which will then increase the care given to these pets over time, giving them longer, happier lives. If you are struggling with an unruly or anxious pet, there is help available through an online vet.

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