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Why is my dog itchy? Parasites, Allergies or dry skin?

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Dogs will scratch excessively because their skin is itchy. You are wondering “why are they so itchy”? Is it due to allergies or parasites? You have to ask yourself, what has changed in their routine or environment? Have they been around new animals, or has their food changed? Are they spending more time outside? 

These are the top 4 reasons that dogs have itchy skin.

Parasites will always cause a dog to be itchy

Parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites can cause dogs to be miserably itchy.  The bites from these parasites cause severe inflammation of the skin called “pruritus,” leading to open sores and eventually hair loss. Some dogs will scratch until their skin is bleeding. These parasites are easily managed and Veterinary advice can help you with the proper diagnosis and the proper therapy to ease their misery.

Your dogs itchy skin can be caused by allergies

Dogs can also develop allergies as they grow older, which will cause their skin to become very itchy. The more exposure to these allergens the itchier a dog will get. Dogs can be exposed to these allergens in the environment, which include pollens in the air or on the ground. Dogs can have allergies to ingredients in foods, even if they have been eating that brand of food their entire life.  Different allergies can affect different parts of the body and the advice of a Veterinarian can help you get the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Drug reactions can cause itchiness and swelling in your dog

Reactions to drugs or chemical exposure will cause some dogs severe pruritus, swelling and open sores. Chemical exposures can include some topical flea products, or products you may use on your carpet or lawn. A few dogs may not tolerate antibiotics, dyes in certain drugs, or certain vaccinations. In these cases it is important to be seen by a Veterinarian right away, as some of these reactions can lead to anaphylaxis and death if not dealt with immediately. 

If your dog has dry skin they can be very itchy

Lastly, many dogs suffer from dried out skin, which like their human counterparts, can be very itchy. Dry skin can occur from poor nutrition, nutritional sources that don’t suit them, or too much people food. The skin can also dry out from over bathing, improper shampoos, or overuse of flea shampoos. A consultation with a Veterinarian can help you determine what is causing your dog’s dry skin and how it is best to treat it.

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