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Urination in the House: Not Always a Training Issue

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Is your adult dog or cat urinating inappropriately in your house?  This can be a sign of a medical problem rather than a loss of house-training.  Before you call a trainer, the best course of action is to make an appointment with your TelePAWS veterinarian.

Inappropriate urination can be caused by many different things.  Most commonly, dogs and cats get urinary tract infections caused by bacterial contamination of the urinary tract.  Some older pets can have kidney disease leading to an increase in thirst which results in excessive urination, sometimes in the house.  Other causes include Cushing’s disease, diabetes, bladder stones, prostate problems, crystals in the urine, kidney infections, urinary incontinence, and bladder cancer.  

The treatment of urination in the house varies depending upon what is the cause.  Many pets are put on antibiotics to clear an infection, some are treated through a diet change, and others need to pursue surgery to remove stones.  No matter what the cause, our veterinarians are able to direct you towards the appropriate steps in relieving the symptoms.

Urinating inappropriately is frustrating for pet owners.  The veterinarians at TelePAWS are here to help you with this problem.  Whether your pet is urinating secondary to an infection, bladder stones, or behavioral issues, we will be able to determine the best tests and treatments going forward to get your pet back to normal.

For more information on this topic:  http://www.akcchf.org/canine-health/your-dogs-health/caring-for-your-dog/urinary-accidents.html




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