Thanksgiving and Pets

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Party risks:

During the Thanksgiving holiday season where “friends-giving” events and holiday festivities are not uncommon, it’s important to take extra precaution in keeping your pets safe. One of the most hazardous factors commonly found in holiday parties are festive decorations which consist of tinsel, ribbons, floral arrangements, decorative plants, etc. Consuming table decorations and large amounts of plant fiber can result in poisoning, digestive health issues, and even gastrointestinal injury. 

Activities with your pet:

While there are many health risks for your furry friends at Thanksgiving parties, it shouldn’t prevent them from getting into the holiday spirit. In the midst of this chaotic time, there are many chill activities you and your pet can partake in that are both safe and enjoyable: this includes a pet-friendly thanksgiving feast, hiking, playing dress up, or playing ball games. Even planning a local festive getaway with your pet may be a good option. When traveling across international borders though, it’s important to ensure that they are permitted on transportation systems and have proper identification in case of an emergency. 

Toxic foods to your pet:

Onions, garlic, shallots, leeks and chives are all part of the Allium spp genus and can cause blood cell damage in dogs and cats. Ham, bacon or poultry skin products are high in fact which can result in pancreatitis, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. Dairy products, used in dishes like mashed potatoes, can also cause the same symptoms because adult dogs and cats lack the enzyme lactase to break down lactose. Grapes/raisins and other desserts with artificial sweeteners can cause kidney or liver failure as well. Be sure to keep your pets safe from these foods so that both you and your pet can have a happy thanksgiving!

Pet-friendly thanksgiving treats:

Leftover turkey meatballs, dehydrated/dried green beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie dog biscuits, and turkey bone broth are all safe and tasty treats for pets! Many vendors sell Thanksgiving related treats online as well, though DIY recipes have gotten far more popular over the years.



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