Pets on St. Patrick’s Day

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Here are 6 Dangers to Pets on St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Shamrocks come in two different colors, green and purple! Whether found in the wild or decorations around the house, be cautious when your pets are around them. If ingested, they can cause stomach upset, drooling, a decrease in blood calcium level, and even kidney damage in large amounts.

2. Green beer or alcohol of any type at a party is even more dangerous to pets than to humans due to their smaller size. When pets ingest an unattended or spilled drink, they could have difficulties walking, have stomach upset, or even lead a decreased gag reflex which makes vomiting extra dangerous. 

3. When eating dessert, make sure you and your guests know that Irish soda bread can be dangerous for pets because of the raisins in them! Ingestion of raisins can lead to kidney failure, so instead feed your pets their dessert options.

4. Traditional food in Irish cuisine contains ingredients that may lead to detrimental side effects, so be cautious when keeping festive Irish food within your pet’s reach. Common dishes during the Irish holiday are corned beef and cabbage which are high in sodium and may result in sodium poisoning. Lots of festive food also contains onions, garlic, chives, and leeks, which may be toxic (in both powdered and fresh forms). Pets are very sensitive to high-fat foods and sugar, so make sure to double-check food ingredients if you’re planning on feeding some scraps to your pet.

5. It is not recommended to dye your pet’s fur green as it can lead to skin irritation and toxicity if ingested. If having a green furry friend on Saint Patrick’s Day is necessary, ensuring that the dye is temporary, vegan, and free of toxins will reduce potential hazards. It’s also important to avoid giving any human treats to your pet; especially ones that contain green commercial food dye that may cause allergic reactions or an upset stomach.

6. If your pet enjoys it, feel free to dress your pet in a green shamrock bow, a festive holiday bandanna, or other St. Patrick’s attire. On the other hand, it’s important to choose the correct size of clothing for your pet and ensure that their vision or movement is not impaired. It’s also best to pick an outfit that doesn’t have embellishments that may serve as a choking hazard; supervise them to make sure they are not experiencing any discomfort or anxiety from playing dress up.



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