Microchipping pets?

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What is microchipping?

A microchip is a small, electronic chip no larger than a single grain of rice. It does not contain a battery, rather, is activated by the radio waves outputted by a scanner when passed over the area. The chip then transmits information to the scanner. Microchipping is the process of inserting this device into your pet.

Why do people microchip their pets?

Many choose to microchip their pets to increase the chance of finding their pet when it is lost. Most shelters and veterinary clinics start the process of returning a pet to their rightful owner by scanning for microchips. If the 1 deposit casino canada.com contains the necessary and accurate information, the pet can quickly be returned to their owner.

Is microchipping painful or dangerous?

Although every pet has their own pain tolerances, microchipping is usually no more painful than any typical shot. Microchips are extremely tiny and are injected just beneath the skin using a hypodermic needle. No surgery or anesthesia is required and can usually be done during a routine veterinary office visit.

What information is stored in a microchip?

Pet microchips generally only contain microchip identification numbers, and they cannot track a lost animal. While the microchip does not have medical information on your pet, certain microchip registration companies may store the information in microchip databases for reference. Some livestock or horse microchipping services may also carry information on the animal’s body temperature.

Do microchips replace the use of identification tags?

No, microchip technology is a permanent form of identification that cannot be interfered with. On the other hand, a collar with identification tags consisting of accurate and up to date contact info is irreplaceable; it’s very efficient to read the tag and contact the owner. If a collar with tags is removed or lost, microchips may be the best bet to finding the pet owner.

Where can I get my pet microchipped?

Do not implant the microchip yourself; you must get it professionally implanted by a microchip company of some sort. Most shelters and businesses will host a microchipping event of some sort to microchip pets. It is also likely available in your local veterinary clinics.




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