Legalizing Telemedicine for Pets in California

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What is Assembly Bill 1399?

California has always been on the cutting edge of technology, from the famous startups of Silicon Valley to the emerging biotechnology industry in Los Angeles. Yet at the same time, the state is one of the most strict when it comes to healthcare technologies like veterinary telemedicine. As medical professionals and their human patients rely more and more on virtual visits and digital checkups, we strongly believe that this same freedom should be given to our pets. Assembly Bill 1399, in short, would remove much of the unnecessary red tape and regulation surrounding veterinary telemedicine care in California and we need your help!

Why is it important?

Many people in the Golden State do not live within close proximity to a proper veterinary facility. Others in lower income neighborhoods may also lack the proper insurance or healthcare plans. Some are unable to get to the vet in the first place because of unequal access to transportation. Veterinary telemedicine changes all of that! Not only is it oftentimes cheaper than a traditional visit to the vet, but it also allows anyone no matter where they live to gain equitable access to professional care for their pets.

How can I help?

While our actions cannot fully guarantee the passing of this bill, there are still many ways we can contribute. Some of the ways we can encourage the success of this bill is by signing petitions, bringing awareness on social media platforms, or even emailing your state senator to vote YES on the Assembly Bill 1399. Remember, every little contribution helps! Use the link below to send an automated email to your local senator!

Recent Updates

The Assembly Bill 1399 was last amended on July 13, 2023 by the Senate. As of right now, the amended law states that a veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) is needed to perform veterinary medicine. A VCPR requires that both the patient and vet understand the medical professional’s responsibility to diagnose the pet’s medical condition, the veterinarian has enough knowledge of the client’s pet to diagnose the condition, whether through virtual and in-person means, and the vet is available for followup appointments. In order to partake in veterinary telehealth, the vet must hold a license authorized in the state of the client, include prior warnings about the use and limitations of telehealth, and ask for client consent. This bill also makes it so that veterinarians can order or prescribe medication for animal patients. This upcoming August, the Bill will go through another committee vote, so it’s important that you do your part and encourage the passing of A.B. 1399 as the voting date comes closer. Read the actual bill here:



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