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Itchy Ears

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Is your pet keeping you up at night scratching at its ears?  Reach out to TelePAWS, the most reliable online veterinary service, for help.

Ear scratching and head shaking are signs of an ear infection.  Ear infections can occur in any breed of dog or cat and at any age.  The underlying cause is usually an environmental or food allergy which leads to an overgrowth of the normal yeast and bacteria of the ear canals.  Occasionally infections are seen in dogs that get water in their ears after swimming or bathing.  Many pet owners are worried about ear mites.  Mites are actually quite rare and generally only seen in younger animals that have been outdoors for long periods of time.

Prevention of ear infections involves the treatment of underlying allergies or avoidance of swimming or other activities when the ears can get wet.  Allergies can be treated in several different ways.  A veterinarian will need to assess your pet first to decide which treatment is ideal for your pet’s situation.  In general, most cats and dogs are prescribed a medicated ear drop that you will purchase through an online pharmacy. Due to new laws and regulations, our TelePAWS vets can only suggest medications, but they can also offer advice on alternative care methods.  Long-term treatment of underlying allergies can include a diet change to a prescription veterinary-only diet or a medication that will stop the pathway that the body goes through when it is responding to an allergen in the environment.

If you are noticing redness of the ear canals, discomfort, odor, or discharge from the ears, an appointment with a TelePAWS veterinarian should be scheduled.  We will help differentiate between environmental and food allergies in order to give the best treatment to give your pet relief, and allow everyone to get rest at night!  With 24/7 access to our veterinarians, there’s no reason to go without sleep.

For more information see: http://vetmed.tamu.edu/news/pet-talk/ear-infections-in-dogs/




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